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We are honored to present to you these special Crosses from our Red, White, and Blue collection.  The vast, vast majority of our Country’s first responders and medical personnel have and continue to serve all of us with honor and integrity.  Each day they place their lives on the line to protect us all.  As a father of a police officer twice decorated with the Medal of Valor, it is my prayer that these special Crosses will serve as the real “armor of God”.  We dedicate the red Cross for our valiant firefighters; the white Cross for our dedicated EMT’s and medical personnel; and the blue Cross for our brave law enforcement officers.  May these Crosses remind their recipients of the  protection and power of the Holy Spirit as they faithfully perform their duties.  


Each Cross contains a synthetic ruby, diamond, or sapphire.  Your choice of Cross includes a 22” sterling silver chain from Italy. 


Red, White, & Blue CC Cross Collection

  • Price: $215.00 USD

    Cross Dimension: 1.22" x 1.65" x 0.08"

    Metal: .925 Silver

    Chain Included: Box Chain

    Care instructions: Your sterling silver Cross has a special finish to accentuate the message written on it. Simply clean it with a soft dry cloth. The sterling silver chain may be cleaned with any cleaning cloth designed for sterling silver jewelry.

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